Shake My Head: Kanye West and Gucci Mane

18 Jan
It’s not even April yet and already we are seeing some fools! Firstly let’s start with Gucci Mane.

Whether you like tattoos or not, you would expect that whenever someone goes through the trouble of permanently scarring their body with ink, there would be some significant reason behind the it. Well this is the not case for Mr. Mane:

Flavourful ink: Rapper Gucci Mane has had a large image of a triple-scoop ice cream cone tattoed on his face after he was released from a mental health facility

What the heck??? Ice Cream??? On your face??  Maybe Gucci Mane should be referred to the psychiatric hospital after his stint in prison.
To call Mr West arrogant is beyond an understatement. He is seriously talented, but gosh he does have an ego. The news that he purchased a $180,000 watch with a picture of his face encrusted in diamonds speaks volumes of his vanity as well as the fact that he has more money than actual sense
Kanye Face Watch


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