Hip Hop sells out (again)

19 Jan
Hip Hop going commercial in the respects to product endorsements is nothing new. From Diddy flaunting his fragrances, to Jay Z flashing his Ace Of Spades alcohol in every music video that he has. We Hip Hop fans have been accustomed to the fact that Hip Hop will never be in its pure form in the days of Afrika Bambaataa and understand that the genre is big business. Recently, however, I have been irritated by the new product endorsement that has taking place these past couple of months. Artists are now selling their own range of earphones. To be fair it makes complete sense to have artists endorsing this kind of product, as it is pretty much incorporated in their ‘day jobs’. When Dr Dre came out with his ‘beats’ range, I admit I was suckered into getting them. It was ‘made’ by a guy who knew his music, so I thought that the much anticipated product should be of good quality. Don’t get me wrong, the sound quality of the earphones is better compared to most, though I wouldn’t say that it is miles better than its nearest rival and it definitely isn’t a true reflection of the value that the earphones are priced at (£90 for in-earphones). What annoys me about this is the whole jumping on the bandwagon in this market. Dr Dre, Lady Gaga, 50 cent and now Diddy. For any other product related to music, I would be cool with that. They want to establish their empire, that’s cool. However, with the selling of music products other than albums or singles, it seems as though they seek to further devalue the genre, in particular selling overpriced earphones that don’t really do much to edify the listening experience.
I know I am just being extreme in my view on this, however these artists have already exploited every other commodity to achieve some form of surplus monetary gain. At least let music be.

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