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6 Apr

Life and Times for Jay Z

As if Mr. Carter’s portfolio isn’t large enough, Jay Z decides to go and launch a lifestyle magazine called Life + Times. The site doesn’t look half bad, but it is clearly aimed at the bourgeoisie crowd which may prove to eliminate a large proportion of his fan base.

 Plan B making even bigger plans

Another artist who is looking to build upon his stellar career is Plan B. He is set to be acting alongside Ray Winstone in The Sweeny Movie. Though Plan already has an illustrious acting career showcasing his talents in Adulthood and 4,3,2,1; this will be the first time whereby he will be opposite the likes of Ray Winstone. Click here for more info.

Round Two for Obama

Barak Obama has launched his 2nd term election bid. He will try to use social media again to woe voters to allow him to extend his reign for another four years.

And if you care…

A little rendition from Kanye West and Pusha T in Chile