Random Musings – Things people do to stay relevant

4 Apr

Why is it that in order to keep your name on the lips of people, a feud is in order? This is something that has been going around for a long time, but I was just reminded of this with the Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj ‘beef’. This will probably be the last time that Lil’ Kim will get her chance to shine, but really, the only legitimate reason to pop at nicki because of lack of respect just seems so lame. Why can’t we all just get along?



Had the opportunity to see Erykah Badu guest ‘dj’ at the East Village, London. Not only was she almost 2 hours late, the woman looked grumpy, not really in the mood to party. Her dj abilities went no more than selecting a few tunes from her Mac book.  I had to ask myself, why are you here if you are not happy? Then I remembered, she needs to stay relevant to put food on the table.